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  • Sport Multifunctional Hall

    dimension 56mx38m with 1,400 seats, it is an ideal maintenance of top gymnastic competitions as well as other sporting cultural-artistic and economic events.
  • Specialized gym

    is unique in the Republic of Croatia with its top-of-the-line equipment complying with the standards of the International Federation of Gymnastics Federations (FIG) and unique in a radius of 500 km because such a complex does not exist in neighboring EU member states.

Big multifunctional sports hall, the dimensions 56 m x 38 m with 1,400 seats, is ideal for maintaining the high-quality gymnastics competitions as well as other sports (volleyball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, futsal...), cultural-artistic and economic events.

NGC ATON includes room for ballet and aero programme, which, if necessary, can be converted in the hall for seminars and conferences.